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Know you’re very anxious to close that deal today but your expectations have to be really low if you don’t have those expectations to close that deal in a month from now you’re never going to close it so you’re going to influence a person by making feel that the solution was to you know read the different ideas well what is it.

That you have that it’s going to help them see a benefit you know so maybe I’m not explaining myself correctly here but it is not their fault that you do not have money for gas it’s not your fault that you’re trying to just make a quick buck it is not their fault that uh you know you actually and this happened to me I went there on an empty tank of gas and you know it was years ago and I had just started and he knew that I needed the money and.

online merchant account services

He even told me he’s like Jonathan I know that you need the money I know you need to make this fail but don’t show that don’t show that because you know you seem like a really nice kid you definitely don’t want to be that guy that gets shut down just because you know I do see that so here’s what I’m gonna do for you and he let me come back a different day and then he also wanted to speak to my national manager which was the guy that helped him close the deal and I was able to close that deal but see the thing is that we don’t see those things.

We don’t know how we’re acting our body language acts in a different way than what we have in our own mind so be very careful with that guys this will help you close more deals too if you’re like that you know I don’t have time for you you know kind of give him that that approach like you know what if you want to sign up I’m gay.

I’m gonna give you a good deal but if don’t doesn’t make matter it doesn’t even matter I have ten other guys that I need to go see him they’re really interested you don’t need to tell them this but you need to act that way act as if act as if you already have a hundred and fifty.

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